With no fewer than three games, Egypt is the country that is most widely represented in online slots games at Judi Bola. Perhaps this is because the themes of hidden treasure, adventure, and cryptic symbols lend themselves particularly well to online slots.

Alternatively, it could also be because casino gaming started to gain in popularity around the time that King Tutankhamun’s tomb was excavated, sparking a worldwide craze for all things Egyptian and inspiring the pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Anyway, with games such as Queen of Egypt, Secrets of the Pharaoh’s Chamber, and Valley of the Kings offering you a variety of sphinx/pyramid/mummy/Cleopatra-themed ways to win, would-be Egyptologists should have no trouble finding a slots game to suit them at Jackpotjoy.


The star-studded Hollywood cocktail bar Don the Beachcomber is widely credited with sparking the widespread interest in all things Polynesian in the 1940s, spawning a Tiki craze that still thrives to this day. As is the case with ancient Egypt, the rich tapestry of kitsch and mysterious Tiki imagery is perfectly suited to the world of slots online.

If you have fallen prey to the Tiki bug, you have two main multiline slots options at Jackpotjoy in the form of Tiki Island and Tiki Temple, both of which employ a range of fun characters, tropical bonus rounds, and big bad Tiki bosses.


Given Mexico’s proximity to Las Vegas, it was perhaps inevitable that a central American theme would permeate the gambling world, with a wide variety of symbols and themes to draw upon. From the ancient Aztecs in the Fortune Temple slots game at Jackpotjoy to the exciting new multi-screen Jalapeno Racers game, Mexico’s place in the online gaming pantheon seems assured.


Not to be outdone by its neighbor in the South, the good old US of A is also represented by two online slots games at Jackpotjoy, Reel Wild West, and Reel Deal Diner. Reel Wild West, as you might expect, draws on classic cowboy-movie imagery to provide symbols and themes for its bonus rounds, while Reel Deal Diner is a slot set in an authentic American roadside diner, with tasty burgers aplenty!


France only has one online slots game dedicated to it on the Jackpotjoy site, the amusingly titled In It for the Monet. When you consider the importance of Monte Carlo in the history of casino gaming, it seems a little unfair that France is not more widely represented in the world of multi-line slots.

However, it’s better for a nation to be represented by one good game rather than several average ones, and a good game is what this is. With the help of the inimitable Frederic and Francois, you can win free spins and big cash prizes aplenty.