There is a lot of apprehension about the way the online poker world is growing day by day in popularity. A congressman who has turned a lobbyist said on Tuesday that the gaming industry has been indecisive about the stance that they should take towards online gambling. Indeed, the way the online poker or gambling world is growing; it needs to have certain standards or regulations in order to regulate its growth. But the industry not having taken any clear stance towards the online gambling world has removed the chances of passing a federal bill by which the world of online poker could be legalized and regulated.

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Failure To Pass The Bill

Jon Porter has represented the 3rdCongressional District in Nevada for three consecutive terms. He stated the following reasons for the failure to pass a decisive bill:

  • Failure of the casino companies to recognize the participation of the state lotteries and Indian tribes in such a discussion
  • The issue had come up earlier and it surfaced again in the year 2012.

These groups are deemed powerful when it comes to the world of online gambling. This issue was also discussed at the International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking which took place at the Caesars Palace.


The hurdles have been many. Every time the issue had come up for discussion, the industry had developed a different perspective towards the matter. There were too many mixed signals that were sent and there was no consensus taken. There was a lot of debate as to how internet gaming can coexist along with brick and mortar casino outlets. There are instances of companies which run both offline outlets as well as online gain portals. Many of these companies do not want legalities to interfere with the following:

  • Revenues earned through their online gaming portals
  • Allowing the portals to expand and diversify

These are great avenues for the gaming companies at present. They support their online gambling ventures by stating that these help to create millions of jobs, help to protect the interest of players an even generates tax revenues. There are many legal internet poker sites that are offering ample opportunities for the players and are running profitable ventures for themselves.

Non Legalization Leads To

However, the need to legalize online poker is still on as it will provide a level playing ground for most websites. There are many disadvantages that a non legalized platform brings forth:

  1. There are many scam websites that still operate and they tarnish the business for the legal and serious players
  2. There are many sites that offer cheap rates for playing which registered companies cannot compete with. They end up losing business to such sites
  3. The registered and legalized online poker sites need to pay taxes which are not requirements if you are not registered or legalized.

Even if the 2012 attempt was unsuccessful there will come up more attempts to legalize the world of online gambling, especially poker.