Legal German poker rooms do not exist in the nation of Germany, though gambling promoters hope to one time see a bigger list of gambling options like poker and casino for players, from the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany is group of 16 federal states, which these days has two different legal standpoints towards poker and poker rooms. Online Poker Rooms For German Players Of course, the most famous players like Pius Heinz had never played at any poker room which was located on German soil. Similar is true for sports books and online casinos where German people place bets these days.

Basically, all of these sites are not German but foreign in nature, usually the online poker rooms from the United Kingdom. For the average poker game accepted from Germany, what you look for is a site which offers German e-wallets or German payment processing services, currency option as Euro, and last but not the least, Germany as a supported language. Fortunately, most of the big brand name, the famous European online poker rooms cater to the needs of German-players everywhere. Below Are The Best Five Poker Rooms For German Players

  • 888poker – Best poker operator of the year 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • Winner Poker – The website Offers Games in Euros.
  • Poker Stars –Offers 24/7 support, secure deposits, fast cash-outs and best software.
  • All Slot Casino – Hosting more than 500 casino games including poker.
  • William Hill Casino – is the fastest growing live casino in the UK. There are numerous benefits of playing at these German poker websites. They are far out-weighing that of the similar poker rooms online.

The five online casino website listed above provide software in German (Deutsch) including 24/7 customer support. What this tells is you can decide to play online poker in your native tongue (German) or English. Besides, they also accept game play, deposits, and withdrawals in Euros. They are as simple as download the software, select the German flag during the installation process and also choose your currency type during the initial setup. Once you are done, you can deposit and start playing poker in Euros without any problems.

Be Careful and Opt for Big Brands But before you start playing poker at any German online casino check out German poker room reviews, you should remember that this hobby is still (technically) banned at the moment, so you have to be careful when you select to your poker room. When you deal with any illegal activity, you are deprived of recourse to go to the real authorities if in case a problem arises.

Considering that, we suggest you go for only the most reliablecasinos online–the big brands which everyone knows. William Hill, Poker stars, and 888poker are known as the best options and luckily each one of them serves to German players by providing German (Deutsch) as a language support, currency and thousands of German connected players. Although, you won’t be able to getGerman poker room hosted on its native soil but you have plenty of options available online on international platform.