It’s a well known fact that before you get into solving a problem of a particular kind you need to know the facts that are involved. We can also say that the basics need to be understood on an initial stage before one gets deeper into the issue and tries hard to solve it. Now we all know that the compulsive gambling and addiction needs to be taken up with immense seriousness. But before this problem is solved you need to know and learn the involved facts associated with this grave problem. This article primarily focuses on the facts that are involved with gambling and addiction. Let us now check out what these facts are since knowing them would help us get a proper perspective on the addiction and a solution to the problem.

As researchers and experts analyze this addiction, there are a few facts and all of them are in a way related therefore it can be assumed that knowing these facts is surely going to help with a solution. The behavior associated with compulsive gambling is progressive and is a particular disorder that takes away the self control of a person. It is true that all of us are born with some kind of self control and as we grow up we develop them with more maturity. The disorder that we are dealing with here actually makes an individual have an uncontrollable obsession and fills him or her with an unquenched thirst or rather an urge to indulge in gambling. There’s also an emotional reliance on gambling which is absolutely undesired. There is also an absolute dearth of control in such cases as well. The compulsive kind of gambling is branded as a particular sickness that needs to be controlled in order to save the person.

The facts that are associated with compulsive gambling and addiction are as follows:


Gambling is a game where you can bet money with hopes of winning however what the gamblers don’t understand is the fact that urge gradually takes the shape of a monstrous addiction and slowly destroys a man’s life. Gambling becomes a problem when it interferes and interrupts the personal characteristic of a person’s life. It is not at all uncommon to find that there are people who have gone through hell and back in order to pay up all the debts. This also means that the addict will take new loans debts to feed his urge to gamble. So yes with gambling the individual might as well say sayonara to monetary stability. Due to these urges the addict will have to face several problems with regard to both family and work. In fewer cases it has also been seen that this addiction has prompted a few individuals to take up illegal activities even espionage in order to cover up for the losses. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the problem of gambling can become a life-threatening illness.


Next in line is the factor of “money” which is one of the most powerful mediums in the world and in its absence the civilized world as we know it can come to a grinding halt. Gambling is something that needs money while playing bigger stakes and an addict would not think twice in wasting several heaps of money while gambling. He or she wouldn’t think twice on whether to spend the money or not. In pursuit of money he/she will keep spending away till a point when everything’s spent.


There are a few group psychotherapy as well as self-help support groups in existence that help the addicts get free of this terrible disease. We are referring to associations like the Gamblers Anonymous. Gamblers Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous follow the same kind of path and there is the typical 12-step treatment program. Organizations like Gamblers Anonymous hold the fact that most compulsive gamblers are really very sick people who can recover provided they follow a simple program. The ‘GA’ has been able to solve lots of cases and is considered to be very vital.


Compulsive gambling is indeed a very serious problem which however is diagnosable as well as treatable. A particular degree of public awareness about compulsive gambling and addiction is necessary now more than ever before.

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