Texas Holdem is one of the most popular poker games to play both in the casino and online and it is easy to see why once you start playing yourself.

Players can use specific strategies they have developed or perhaps good bluffing skills and even just pure mathematical skill or just gut instinct. It is relatively easy to learn how to play and can win you some big money.

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The Table

There are usually 9 or 10 players at a table playing Texas Hold’Em but you can have a game of up to 20 players especially if you are playing online. In tournaments a lot more players can get involved and different games can also be happening simultaneously. Where you sit at a table can affect the game you play so once you have played a few times you will start to have a preference. The blinds (the initial bets to get things going) are rotated on the table clockwise. There is a 52 card deck used for Texas Hold’ Em Poker so it is easier than some multi-deck games to see what cards might have been dealt and build up strategies.

Betting Basics

First of all players put in a blind- this is the initial bet to get the game going and is normally the two players to the left of the dealer. Betting in general is always done in a clockwise motion so those to the left of the dealer round will go first and the player to the right of the dealer will bet last but this is rotated in regards to the blinds put down in each game.

Call, raise or fold are the main terms to understand in Texas Hold’em. If you call a bet that meets you are placing the same amount, raising is when a player wagers the called bet and increases it. If you fold with this means that you no longer want to play and you place your cards in the middle of the table face down. In tournaments then sometimes an ante is required too, this isn’t a first bet but is a way of increasing the winner’s pot before the game begins. Bets can either have a limit where they are specified before the game starts or they can be an uncapped amount.

Game Basics

The card play starts with the first 2 cards or ‘hole’ cards being dealt face down to each player and once you have placed your bets or folded on the first blind – this is where the game really begins. The dealer places 3 cards in the middle of table known as the board and this stage of the game is called the flop. These 3 cards are the ones each player uses with their own to work out a winning combination. Next in play the bum card- the card on top is burned so that no one can cheat and then the turn occurs – where a new card is placed alongside the 3 already in the middle.


This foregoes another round of betting and then there is 1 more card placed on the board (the river or Fifth Street in gambling terms) so that the winning combination will be a 5 card hand. In a clockwise manner each player will display their hand and how they feel they could have won. There are around about 10 ways to win at Texas Hold’Em. The best way to win is a Royal flush which is an Ace high straight of one suit, where all the Royal cards down to a 10 are needed and the lowest win is a pair but it all depends on what the other players have too in this game.


There are lots of different strategies and tips floating about but some of the key things to remember. First of all knowing what a bad or good starting hand is crucial because you don’t want to bet with high stakes on a hand that is never going to win or fold on a potential winner either. Generally if you have a non-pair both less than 10 it is best to fold. Remember that you don’t have to play every hand you are given, don’t be afraid to fold as you will lose less that way. Bluffing is also something that can be over used, if you are a newbie wait until you fully understand the play and learn whens best to use it before doing so for no reason, it is best just to try and focus on not giving anything rather than act differently.