In 2006, the United States got what it had been attempting to do for a long time, criminalize online sports betting for all citizens. Internet gambling, however, was and remains to this day a complicated issue. The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 was passed to stop sports gambling activity conducted over the telephone. Many people have been confused as to whether this act also applies to the Internet. As the act was enacted prior to the invention of the Internet, nobody was confident whether the law applied or not. Further, the act did not specify the type of gambling it was intended to control. Did it apply to all sorts of gambling or was it just betting on sports?

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Only one thing was certain, in spite of every gray area regarding this act. Gambling websites are certainly seen by the government to be illegal, and you’ll face stiff fines and punishment. You can’t mess around with a gambling website. Taking down the website eliminates the gambler’s ability to gamble. Going after website owners is a much simpler task than tracking down everyone who’s visited the website in the past.

Presently there is a huge and continuing discussion regarding sports gambling. Those who are opposed to it feel that it will result in the fixing of games. But in reality that is not probable in professional sports since it would be very hard to have players, coaches, referees and owners all conspiring to fix the outcomes of every game. Those who favor sports betting state that it is simply something people do for entertainment as they are watching the game. My personal thought is that sports gambling will sooner or later get everything that you have.

I have known many sports gamblers throughout the years and every one began small with $5 or $10 bets. Ultimately, they hit a bad streak and lose everything, always thinking that they only need one win to get it all back. As an example, if you lose ten times back to back, you can drop a great deal of money. 1st bet: $100, 2nd bet: $200, 3rd bet $300, 4th bet $600, 5th bet $1,200, 6th bet $2,400, 7th bet $4,800, 8th bet $9,600, 9th bet $19,200, 10th bet $38,400. As you can see, if you begin by betting just $100 and try to get even as you are losing ten times running, it makes a total that you lose of $76,800. I can imagine what you may be thinking. Who would do something like this? People have gotten wrapped up in it and I have witnessed it firsthand. Sports betting is extremely emotional and at times you do not use your brains but rather bet on that emotion.

Some discussion has been made about just charging the bettors a tax, and allowing them to bet on sporting events. I personally hope they don’t make this legal, because betting on sports can ruin a person and their life. People can become way too obsessed when gambling on sports. I would be the first to vote to keep gambling on sports illegal for everyone in the United States.