July is holiday-time and the All Slots Casino is offering multiple opportunities for you to earn the extra cash prizes that will allow you to take off on your vacation with enough cash to pay for all the trip’s luxuries. Regardless of whether you dream of laying on the beach, exploring new venues, sightseeing in some of the world’s exciting tourism areas or hiking through natural wonders, you’ll be able to achieve additional payouts as you plan your next vacation.

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The Passport to Riches at All Slots promotion pays out bonus prizes that everyone wins. The bonus wins that you are guaranteed to win during this promotion are added to your regular game wins so you can achieve major cash earnings every week throughout July. You don’t need to do any special sign-ups or other registrations in order to participate in the July three-in-one monthly promotions. Just sign into your regular casino account and play your favourite games. You’ll start accruing your passport stamps immediately which you can redeem for weekly cash payouts. You’ll also be entitled to enter the twice-a-month draw entries and collect generous souvenirs.

Mobile Gambling

The Passport to Riches at All Slots promotion is open to all PC and mobile gamers so you can win online and mobile bonuses, according to your platform. PC players have the advantage of gambling from the comfort of their own home on a wide screen or playing on any public computer terminal’s Internet browser. Mobile gamers are able to play mobile games at any time and from any location right on their smartphone or tablet browser where they’ll enjoy all of the casino’s games, promotions, high-definition imagery and interactive tools via the casino’s Wifi and cellular connectivity options.

Start Playing

To start playing Passport to Riches at All Slots, log into your personal casino account and select your preferred game. As you gamble your way through the four promotional weeks of July at All Slots you’ll be entitled you to accumulate passport stamps. Stamps are awarded for all games so regardless of whether you prefer to play card games such as poker or blackjack, online lotteries of scratch card, bingo, keno and sic bo, table games which include roulette, craps and baccarat or any of the three-reel classic slot machines or the five-reel video slots, you’ll earn stamps as you play.

What are the Passport Stamps?

Each stamp represents a different destination. The more games that you play for real money during July, the more stamps you’ll receive in your passport. These stamps are worth real cash prizes and additional rewarding bonus rewards. On Sundays, the casino calculates the value of the deposits that you’ve made over the past week. Based on your deposits, the matching number of stamps will be stamped in your passport.

Stamps are distributed for every $50 or more that you deposit over the course of a week. For every two or more stamps that you earn over a one-week period, you receive a guaranteed $50 bonus prize. For every three to six stamps that you collect over the course of a week you receive $100 in guaranteed cash. For every seven or more stamps that you receive within the course of a July week the casino presents you with $150 in guaranteed prize money.

Souvenir Prizes

The second part of the All Slots Passport to Riches promotion involves the souvenir package. What’s a holiday trip without souvenirs? There are lots of valuable momentos for Passport players so you’ll receive souvenirs which enhance your gaming adventure. As soon as you receive your second and fourth passport stamps during any of the four July promotional weeks, you’ll start collecting rewarding souvenir prizes. These souvenirs include extra Loyalty Points or free spins on popular casino slots (including on the Avalon slot machine for mobile players).

Free Spins provide you with opportunities to spin the reels of your favourite slot game for free and win real money prizes. Loyalty Points involve valuable casino points which you accumulate – the more casino games that you play, the more Loyalty points you’ll accrue. As you move up the Loyalty Point ladder, with bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond tiers, you’ll be able to redeem your points for increasingly lucrative prizes. Loyalty Point prizes include luxury gifts, vacation packages, increased deposit and withdrawal limits and other satisfying give-aways.

Collect your souvenir prizes within 7 days of receipt by logging into your casino account and validating your Loyalty Points and free spins.

Draw Prizes

Weekly payouts and passport souvenirs are only two-thirds of the Passport to Riches All Slots Promotion. There are more surprises in store for you at the casino throughout the month of July.

Submit your stamped passport and enter one or both of the two monthly July Draws. The Draws take place on July 19th and August 2nd 2015, with the number of stamps that you’ve collected over the preceding two-week period indicating the number of entries that you are entitled to receive for the Draws. On the day of each of the draws the casino will be distributing $10,000 in prizes — $20,000 give-aways in all – so now you have three easy ways to win bonus casino earnings. You can enter the first draw, the second draw or both!

Track your Bonuses

All Slots automatically calculates your Passport to Riches at All Slots wins throughout the weekly payouts, souvenirs and entries to the July Draws. All you need to do is to sit back and enjoy your regular games.

Your casino account will display all the information that you need to track your promotion earnings. Review the value of your accumulated bonuses by entering your username in the promotion webpage. Open your passport to view the number of stamps you’ve received and track your expected prizes. It’s also possible to view your stamps and accrued souvenirs and gaming points on the My Offers webpage at your casino account page.

You’ll be able to collect weekly cash payouts AND souvenirs AND draw prizes via your passport stamps in the All Slots Passport to Riches promotion. July is almost half over so now’s the time to start building up your passport stamps and take advantage of multiple opportunities to win your part of the casino’s $100,000 Passport to Riches bonus prizes.