Playtech has just launched a new game that is themed around one of the most popular Marvel super heroes, Thor. The software provider has announced that this new game is a scratch card game. This scratch card game is considered to be the 7th scratch card game that is themed around the Marvel movies by Playtech. All six scratch card games already have video slot games and this is why it is expected that Playtech is going to release a video slot game that is themed around Thor very soon following this release.

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This game has 6 regular symbols, each one of them offers a multiplier. This multiplier is applied on the original wager if the scratch card is a winning one. Since it is themed around Thor, the highest paying symbol is the hammer of Thor; it offers players a multiplier of one thousand. The rest of the symbols resemble the characters that were presented in the movie. Anthony Hopkins who played the role of Odin in the movie gives players a multiplier of twenty, Tom Hiddleston who played the role of Loki gives players a multiplies of two and Thor gives players a multiplier of fifty. There are also numerous characters from the movie that give players a multiplier of one. One of the most fascinating features of this scratch game is that the background of the game is constantly changing to feature different places from the movie.

Playtech has proudly announced that it has entered a licensing partnership with one of the biggest TV networks in Spain, Mediaset España. As a result of this new agreement the software developer, Playtech, is going to provide its entire library of products to Mediaset España. These products include poker, bingo, live games, TV, and casino games, all of these products are going to be operating by a local license for gaming. Mediaset España is going to use its experience in broadcasting to market these products and it will pay extra attention in marketing the amazing TV product of Playtech taking advantage of the great appeal of the platform.

Mediaset España is one of the major audiovisual groups in Spain and all of Europe. It has a lot of programming offers that target specific audience such as Boing, LaSiete, Divinity and Energy and Telecino. The company produces movies as well through Telecino Cinema and it is one of the leading companies when it comes to online TV offerings.

This deal is a very strategic one for Playtech and Mediaset España since Mediaset España is listed as one of the strongest thirty five companies in Spain on the IBEX 35, the Spanish stock exchange. It also has a one million and eight hundred thousand Euros market capitalization. By partnering with Playtech, the company is entering the world of gaming through one of the biggest names in the industry. As for Playtech, this deal is going to name it as one of the biggest and main partners for the Spanish company which will allow is to offer its products in a whole new area of business.