Every time the gambler enters the casino they are overwhelmed with gaming options. In the past, it was commonly believed that slot machines were the worst choice – not only did they have the lowest jackpots and depressing payout percentages, but slot machines were excluded from complementary casino bonuses such as free shows and meals. In recent decades, however, slot machine play has been totally revolutionized. Pay out percentages have greatly improved and now gamblers can expect about a 93% pay out percentage over long term play – and this number is even higher in Las Vegas, where pay out percentage can be higher than 95%. For online check jet234 login.

Gamblers go for slots for a multitude of reasons: ease of play, less personal interactions with dealers and other players, who can be intimidating to newbies, and the jaw dropping jackpots casinos now routinely offer on their slots. While there is no sure fire system that guarantees to raise your odds on slot machines, there are some tips and tricks for choosing the best slot machines to play that may give those odds a nice bump.

General Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Best Slot Machines to Play

Gravitate towards machines that advertise a specific high percentage for pay outs. While most casinos are quite tight lipped about the amounts their slot machines will pay back to the gambler, a few do. In Vegas, the Stratosphere and Riviera casinos advertise 98% dollar slots. Fitzgerald’s, which is located in both Vegas and Reno, reportedly has some machines that pay more than 100%.

Shy away from playing progressive slot machines. To spot these machines, look for their marquees, which show constantly growing jackpots. Progressive slots are notorious for paying out up to 7% less than other slot machines.

Don’t play the video reels, which often pay out two percent less than mechanical slots.

If you are playing a slot machine for a chance at a jackpot, choose a machine with a less fantastically large jackpot. The smaller the jackpot, the better your odds for hitting it, and since each spin will be random, this really is your only guaranteed way to increase your odds.

Where to Find Loose Machines

Not only are there certain types of slot machines which regularly have larger pay offs, but many believe there are certain places where the highest paying slot machines are most frequently found. These slot machines are called “loose” and are typically found in the highest traffic area of the casinos. Machines on elevated carousels, which are highly visible from every angle, are usually looser; slot machines near cash out kiosks and dining areas are also good bets. The casino is aware that making winners more visible means that other gamblers will be enticed to play more.

Just as there are ideal slot locations, there are also areas where casinos are more likely to place “tight” machines. These include close to gaming tables, sports booking areas, and areas where table players and other gamblers tend to exit. Gamblers playing table games and betting on sports can be driven away by the loud noise caused when slot machines pay out, and gamblers tend to drop loose change in machines on the way out of the casino on last ditch bets. Avoid playing machines located in these areas.


Slot machines were once thought to be the worst option because they not only had the lowest jackpots and the lowest payout percentages, but they were also excluded from complimentary casino bonuses such as free shows and meals. Slots are popular among gamblers for a variety of reasons, including their ease of use, the lack of personal interactions with dealers and other players, who can be intimidating to newcomers, and the massive jackpots that casinos now routinely offer on their slots.